Minecraft v1.20.70.24 MOD APK (MOD, Unlocked/Immortality) For Android

App NameMinecraft
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Requirements Android 5.0Android5.0
Size213 MB
ModMOD, Unlocked/Immortality
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4.5 Rating (612) Votes

4.5 Rating (612 Votes )
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Millions of crafters have smashed billions of blocks! Now you can join the fun!


Minecraft v1.20.70.24 MOD APK (MOD, Unlocked/Immortality) For Android is a game made from blocks that you can transform into whatever you can imagine. Play in Creative mode with unlimited resources, or hunt for tools to fend off danger in Survival mode. With seamless cross-platform play on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition you can adventure solo or with friends, and discover an infinite, randomly generated world filled with blocks to mine, biomes to explore and mobs to befriend (or fight). The choice is yours in Minecraft – so play your way!


Action-packed simulation games are among the most popular genres, captivating players with advanced visuals, adrenaline-fueled gameplay, special effects, and expansive exploration. One such adventure-filled game renowned for its high-quality graphics is Minecraft. Today, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information about this game, along with the modified version – Minecraft Premium MOD APK, offering numerous added advantages for an enhanced gaming experience. Get ready for some fun!

Minecraft is a captivating arcade game that grants players the freedom to play according to their preferences. This feature allows players to approach the game in various ways, fostering strategic thinking and creativity. With its diverse range of challenges, gaming modes, and special effects, Minecraft has established itself as one of the largest gaming communities, promising endless fascination with each playthrough.

Minecraft V1.20.70.24
Minecraft V1.20.70.24

The world’s favorite game – Minecraft

For creative players seeking to tailor their gaming experiences to their imaginations, Minecraft stands out as an exceptional arcade game. Offering a vast gaming world filled with virtual maps and lifelike movements, Minecraft has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide since its release in November 2011. Developed and published by Mojang, the game continues to enthrall gamers with its diverse gameplay modes and versatile functions. Whether you’re playing online or offline, Minecraft promises endless entertainment, ensuring you’ll never get bored, regardless of your internet connection status. To add to the excitement, Minecraft also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play and chat with friends on a single platform.

Classic Modes Available in Minecraft:

1. Survival Mode: In Survival Mode, players must collect resources, craft items, and build structures while managing their health, which can be depleted by various threats such as attacks from mobs or environmental hazards like drowning or starvation. Survival mode tests your ability to survive and thrive in challenging conditions.

2. Hardcore Mode: Hardcore Mode is a variant of Survival Mode with the highest difficulty setting and permanent death, making it one of the most challenging modes in Minecraft. Once you die in Hardcore Mode, your world is deleted, adding an extra layer of intensity to the gameplay.

3. Creative Mode: As the name suggests, Creative Mode empowers players to unleash their creativity by providing unlimited resources and invincibility, allowing for unrestricted building and exploration. It’s the perfect mode for players who want to express their creativity without limitations.

4. Adventure Mode: Adventure Mode offers custom maps and scripted adventures, challenging players to complete objectives and interact with the environment in new and exciting ways. It’s a mode tailored for players seeking unique and immersive gameplay experiences.

5. Spectator Mode: Spectator Mode allows players to observe gameplay without participating directly. While in this mode, players have no inventory but can freely switch between different perspectives, making it ideal for learning new strategies and observing rival players’ tactics.

Multiplayer Mode:

One of Minecraft’s most beloved features is its multiplayer mode, which enables players to join forces with friends through direct game-to-game multiplayer, LAN play, and servers. With the introduction of Minecraft Realms, a hosting service by Mojang, multiplayer gaming has become more accessible and secure than ever before. Whether you’re building, exploring, or embarking on adventures, Minecraft’s multiplayer mode offers endless opportunities for collaboration and camaraderie. Dive into the world of Minecraft and unleash your creativity today! But before making a purchase, don’t forget to explore the surprise version of Minecraft mentioned below.


Minecraft Marketplace – Discover the latest community creations in the marketplace! Get unique worlds, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Slash commands – Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more.

Add-Ons – Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you’re more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.


Realms and Realms Plus – Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms, your own private server that we host for you. With Realms Plus, get instant access to over 150 Marketplace items with new additions each month. Share with friends on your own private Realms server. Try a free 30-day trial in-app.

Feature-rich free Minecraft

Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time, boasts over 126 million monthly users worldwide. Its captivating three-dimensional world, comprised of blocks representing various elements like stones, water, lava, and trees, has captured the imaginations of gamers everywhere. However, the game’s purchase price and limited resources can pose challenges for some players, as it costs over 300.00 INR for a single download. Enter Minecraft Premium MOD APK, the solution to this dilemma. This modified version of the game offers the same high-quality graphics but with enhanced features and, best of all, it’s free to play. With Minecraft Premium MOD APK, players can enjoy unlocked skins, expanded inventory, maximum scores, and many other exclusive benefits. So, don’t hesitate—download it now and embark on an adventure like never before.

Experience All Premium Skins Unlocked:

In Minecraft, skins are textures applied to players or mobs, defining their appearance within the game. Minecraft Premium MOD APK grants players access to all premium skins without any cost, providing a personalized and enjoyable gaming experience. While the official version requires players to purchase each skin separately, this modified version allows you to enjoy all of them without spending a single penny.

Enjoy Maximum Inventory Size:

The inventory in Minecraft is the menu used by players to manage available items, including blocks and items essential for survival. Typically, the inventory consists of four armor slots, 27 storage slots, and nine hotkey slots. Minecraft Premium MOD APK is the only modification that offers players maximum inventory size, ensuring they stay fully engaged in the game at all times. Download it now and expand your inventory to new heights!

Kill Zombies with One Hit:

Minecraft is a complicated game on Android. Players usually have to punch zombies multiple times to defeat them and win levels. Normally, every time you hit a zombie, you lose one health point. But in the modified version of the game, there’s a special feature called “one-hit kill.” With this feature, you can defeat zombies with just one hit, and you won’t lose any health. This makes it easier to survive in the game for a long time. Many gamers really want this feature in Minecraft Premium Mod Apk.

Get a High Score for Free:

In Minecraft, you earn points by doing different things in the game. There’s a scoreboard that shows the list of players and their scores. In Minecraft Premium MOD APK, there’s a feature that lets you get the highest possible score. With this feature, you can show off your high score to your friends and impress them.

Use Unbreakable Tools:

Tools like axes, hoes, shovels, and shears are very important in Minecraft. They help you gather resources and do special tasks faster than using your hands. But these tools usually break after being used too much. However, in Minecraft Premium Mod Apk, you get unbreakable tools. This means no matter how much you use them, they will never break or get damaged.


Minecraft is all about building, breaking, and arranging blocks to create amazing things. And what could be more enjoyable than doing all of this on your own customized screen without any limitations? If you want a platform to showcase your creativity and skills while having a great time, then join Minecraft Premium Mod Apk. It’s the full premium version of the game that we’re offering you for free. So don’t wait any longer, download it now, and start crafting and mining your dream world with Minecraft MOD APK.

Multiplayer – Play with up to 10 friends with a free Xbox Live account online.

Servers – Join free massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands of others! Discover gigantic community-run worlds, compete in unique mini-games and socialize in lobbies full of new friends!



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