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LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.177.0 (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

App NameLOST in BLUE
Latest Versionv.1.177.0
Last Updated
PublisherVolcano Force
Size1.1 GB
ModUnlimited Money, Menu Mod
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4.3 Rating (94) Votes

4.3 Rating (94 Votes )
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Stay alive while exploring the island, and find opportunities to be rescued


LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.177.0 (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod), Lost in Blue Mod Apk offers a captivating gameplay experience where players find themselves stranded on a deserted island after surviving a plane crash. As the sole survivor, players must navigate the island, gather resources, and find a way to survive in this lonely and challenging environment.

With its enhanced features and immersive simulation, Lost in Blue Mod Apk takes survival gaming to a whole new level. Players will need to utilize their survival skills to hunt for food, build shelter, and craft tools to fend off the dangers of the island.

Explore the vast and mysterious island, uncover hidden secrets, and unravel the mysteries of your surroundings. With its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, Lost in Blue Mod Apk promises hours of entertainment and adventure for players looking for a unique and immersive gaming experience.

In Lost in Blue Mod Apk, players must utilize their survival skills to gather essential resources such as water, food, and shelter. They will explore the island and scavenge for resources in various locations, including beaches, forests, and abandoned structures. Players can gather seafood, hunt for animals, and gather fruits and vegetables to sustain themselves.


The island is full of hidden treasures and resources, including items from lost ships, crashed planes, and ancient temples. Players can uncover these treasures by exploring the island and solving puzzles. Additionally, players can craft weapons and tools using gathered resources to defend themselves against various threats, including wild animals, hostile hunters, zombies, mummies, and other monsters.

Lost in Blue Mod Apk also features multiplayer elements, allowing players to engage in battles with opponents. They must use their survival skills and weapons to fend off enemies and emerge victorious in these encounters. With its immersive gameplay and diverse challenges, Lost in Blue Mod Apk offers players a thrilling survival experience unlike any other.

Lost in Blue Mod Apk

Lost in Blue Mod Apk is a modified version of the original game, offering enhanced features and benefits for players. In this modded version, all premium features and functions are unlocked, allowing players to access all aspects of the game without restrictions. Additionally, players have unlimited money and coins, enabling them to upgrade their character’s skills and powers to their fullest potential. Free shopping is also available, allowing players to purchase any equipment and tools they need to overcome the challenges in the game.

One of the standout features of Lost in Blue Mod Apk is the ad-blocking policy, which removes all ads from the game, providing a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. This version of the game does not require rooting from any external sources, and it also includes anti-ban and antivirus properties to ensure the safety and security of players’ devices.

Overall, Lost in Blue Mod Apk offers players a premium gaming experience with enhanced features, unlimited resources, and a seamless gameplay environment. Players can download and enjoy this modded version to fully immerse themselves in the world of survival and exploration on the mysterious island.

Realistic approach of the outlook simulation

The immersive simulation offered by Lost in Blue Mod Apk is indeed commendable, drawing players into its captivating world and ecosystem. Every aspect of the characters and environment is meticulously crafted, creating a sense of realism that enhances the overall gameplay experience. The beauty of the island and its surroundings is so captivating that players are compelled to explore further and immerse themselves fully in the abandoned island setting.

The attention to detail in Lost in Blue Mod Apk contributes to its appeal, allowing players to engage with various elements of survival and exploration in a meaningful way. From foraging for resources to crafting tools and weapons, every action feels authentic and impactful within the game world. Additionally, the stunning visuals and atmospheric sound design further enhance the sense of immersion, creating a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

Overall, Lost in Blue Mod Apk offers players a unique and engaging survival adventure set in a beautifully crafted world. Its immersive simulation and attention to detail make it a standout title in the survival genre, captivating players with its captivating gameplay and stunning visuals.

Be a survivor

Absolutely, in Lost in Blue Mod Apk, players must navigate through a myriad of challenges and obstacles to ensure their survival on the island. Every decision and action taken must contribute to the acquisition of essential resources and ultimately aid in the player’s survival. Creativity and ingenuity are key as players devise various strategies and craft useful tools to assist in their search for resources and their quest to escape the island.

Building defenses and fortifications can also be crucial in protecting oneself from dangers lurking on the island, such as wild animals, hostile inhabitants, and other threats. Constructing shelters, traps, and lookout towers can provide added security and aid in the player’s defense against potential dangers.

Overall, Lost in Blue Mod Apk encourages players to think strategically and utilize their survival skills to overcome challenges and ensure their survival in the unforgiving environment of the abandoned island. By carefully managing resources, crafting tools, and building defenses, players can increase their chances of successfully navigating the island and ultimately escaping to safety.

LOST in Blue MOD
LOST in Blue MOD

Sticky storyline to explore

Indeed, the storyline in Lost in Blue Mod Apk provides an immersive and compelling experience for players. As the protagonist, you find yourself stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash, tasked with surviving in this hostile environment. The challenge lies in managing resources, crafting tools, and navigating the dangers of the island to ensure your survival.

With each passing day, you must scavenge for food, water, and shelter while also being mindful of threats such as wild animals, harsh weather conditions, and other hazards. The game’s storyline unfolds as you explore the island, uncover hidden secrets, and interact with other survivors or inhabitants you may encounter along the way.

As you progress, you’ll face increasingly difficult challenges and obstacles that will test your survival skills and ingenuity. From building makeshift shelters to hunting for food and crafting essential tools, every decision you make will impact your chances of survival and shape the outcome of your journey on the island.

Overall, the storyline in Lost in Blue Mod Apk adds depth and immersion to the gameplay, providing players with a rich narrative experience as they strive to survive and escape from the deserted island.

Craft weapons to save yourself

Absolutely, crafting tools and weapons is essential for survival in Lost in Blue Mod Apk. On the deserted island, you’ll need to utilize the resources you find to create various items that will aid in your survival and defense against enemies. Crafting tools such as axes, spears, fishing rods, and traps will allow you to gather food, build shelters, and protect yourself from threats.

Additionally, crafting weapons such as bows and arrows, slingshots, and even improvised explosives can help you fend off aggressive wildlife and hostile enemies that may inhabit the island. By gathering materials and mastering the art of crafting, you can improve your chances of survival and increase your effectiveness in combat.

Exploring forbidden sites and hidden locations on the island may yield valuable resources and materials for crafting. However, you must also be cautious of the dangers that lurk in these areas, as they may be inhabited by dangerous creatures or guarded by hostile adversaries.

Overall, crafting plays a crucial role in Lost in Blue Mod Apk, allowing players to adapt to their environment, overcome challenges, and ultimately survive the harsh conditions of the deserted island. By utilizing your creativity and resourcefulness, you can enhance your chances of success and uncover the mysteries of the island.

Arrange resources for survival

Absolutely, in Lost in Blue Mod Apk, resource management is crucial for survival. You must gather various resources such as food, water, and materials to ensure your character’s well-being and increase your chances of survival on the deserted island.

Food sources can include fruits, vegetables, seafood, and game animals that you can hunt or trap. It’s essential to maintain a steady supply of food to keep your character nourished and healthy.

Water is another essential resource that you must secure to prevent dehydration. You can collect water from natural sources such as rivers, streams, or rainwater, but it’s important to purify it before consumption to avoid illness.

Additionally, crafting tools and weapons is essential for defense and survival. By gathering materials such as wood, stone, and metal, you can create a variety of tools such as axes, spears, and fishing rods to aid in resource gathering and crafting.

Creating a shelter is also crucial for protection against the elements and hostile wildlife. You can build shelters using materials such as wood, leaves, and vines, providing a safe haven where you can rest and recover from your adventures.

Furthermore, crafting weapons such as bows, arrows, and spears can help you fend off dangerous animals and hostile enemies that may pose a threat to your survival.

Overall, resource management and crafting play a vital role in Lost in Blue Mod Apk, allowing you to survive and thrive in the harsh environment of the deserted island. By utilizing your skills and ingenuity, you can overcome challenges, explore the island, and uncover its secrets.

Enemies to deal with

Indeed, in Lost in Blue Mod Apk, you will encounter a diverse range of enemies that pose threats to your survival on the deserted island. These enemies come in various forms, including wild animals, monsters, zombies, ghosts, mutants, mummies, and more.

To defend yourself against these formidable foes, you must develop and wield powerful weapons and tools capable of dealing with each type of enemy effectively. Crafting weapons such as bows, arrows, spears, and melee weapons can help you fend off attacks and eliminate threats from hostile wildlife and other adversaries.

Additionally, you may encounter other human opponents who seek to dominate the island and control its resources. Engage in battles with these foes using your combat skills and strategic prowess, utilizing terrain to your advantage and exploiting their weaknesses to emerge victorious.

As you explore the island and encounter various challenges, your ability to adapt and overcome obstacles will be crucial to your survival. By honing your combat abilities, gathering resources, and crafting powerful weapons, you can navigate the dangers of the island and ultimately escape to safety.

Prepare yourself for epic battles and thrilling encounters in Lost in Blue Mod Apk as you fight for survival against a multitude of enemies in a hostile and unforgiving environment. Only by mastering your skills and overcoming adversity can you hope to emerge triumphant and secure your place as the ultimate survivor of the deserted island.

Multiplayer online availability

In Lost in Blue Mod Apk, the multiplayer online mode allows players from around the world to interact with each other in various capacities, ranging from allies to adversaries. As you navigate the challenges of survival on the deserted island, you’ll encounter other players who may either aid you in your quest or pose a threat to your existence.

One of the key aspects of multiplayer gameplay is the fierce competition for control over the sea and its resources. With limited supplies available on the island, including food, water, and other essentials, players must vie for dominance in order to secure their survival.

Battles between players will erupt as factions clash over territory and valuable resources. Strategic planning, teamwork, and combat prowess will be essential as you engage in intense skirmishes to assert your dominance and emerge victorious.

Whether forming alliances with fellow survivors or engaging in battles against rival factions, multiplayer interactions add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the gameplay experience. By collaborating with others or outmaneuvering opponents, you can increase your chances of survival and establish yourself as a formidable force on the island.

Prepare for thrilling multiplayer encounters and epic battles for supremacy in Lost in Blue Mod Apk as you compete against players from around the globe for control of the sea and the resources it holds. Only the most cunning and resourceful survivors will emerge triumphant in this unforgiving and competitive multiplayer environment.

End Results

Download Lost in Blue Mod Apk now to experience the thrill of survival on a deserted island, where you’ll face a myriad of challenges and adventures. With this modified version, you’ll have access to unlocked premium features and functions, allowing you to fully customize your gameplay experience.

Enjoy unlimited money, which you can use to upgrade your tools, enhance your skills, and unlock new features to their fullest potential. With free shopping enabled, you can acquire essential items and resources without any limitations, ensuring that you’re always well-equipped to face the dangers of the island.

Say goodbye to intrusive advertisements, as this modified version offers an ad-free gaming experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the world of Lost in Blue without any interruptions. Additionally, you won’t need to root your device to install the game, and advanced features such as anti-ban protection and antivirus safeguards ensure a safe and secure gaming environment.


Embark on an epic journey of survival and exploration as you navigate the challenges of life on a deserted island. With unlimited resources at your disposal and a host of exciting adventures waiting to be discovered, Lost in Blue Mod Apk offers an unparalleled gaming experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Download now and start your ultimate survival adventure today!

After surviving a plane crash, you must collect resources to craft weapons and tools, build facilities and houses to withstand the elements of this strange island. Battle through various natural environments like fiery volcanoes, freezing glaciers, etc. and difficult obstacles such as mutant zombies, militias, wild creatures, etc. Do everything you can to get yourself home.

Game Features:
To Survive on this mysterious deserted island, you must form friendships with players from around the world and gather the limited resources.

Upgrade your character to stay alive and experience the excitement of what mother nature has to offer to its fullest.

The PVE part of this game is unlike any others. Survive and explore natural sceneries like beaches, tropical rainforests, swamps, and volcanoes. At the same time, you are battling your way through man-made obstacles, such as an expedition ship from the 1980s, many secret research labs, ancient underground ruins, and deadly abandoned temples.

Collect materials and use them to build your own camp! Learn to craft various types of tools and weapons. You will need them to survive! Build your own unique camp with defensive facilities such as sensory tower, arrow tower, etc. and survival facilities like vegetable patches, where you plant seeds and grow food, or workbenches, where you make tools for hunting or gathering!

It’s your choice! Whether to fight or work with other players!

This game was developed to provide players with the Ultimate experience of surviving on a deserted island. The PVE and PVP elements are something you can never find in any other game!

Can you survive this island and get yourself home?

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