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Magic Streets v1.1.57 MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Magic Streets
App NameMagic Streets
Latest Versionv.1.1.57
Last Updated
PublisherThe location based RPG games developer (Geo GPS)
Requirements Android 7.0Android7.0
CategoryRole PlayingRole Playing
Size150 MB
ModUnlimited Money and Gold
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4.5 Rating (346) Votes

4.5 Rating (346 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Solo developer medieval GPS game. Give it a try and let me know you think!


In the exciting game of Magic Streets Mod Apk, players will dive into thrilling moments of intense fights and excitement. With a geolocation-based gameplay, you’ll explore your neighborhood where random events occur as you move around, creating a vibrant and dynamic living environment. Engage in thrilling combat with various aids for your characters, participating in different forms of battles and fights. With a random system that goes beyond imagination, you’ll enjoy an excellent combat experience. Collect unique gears to enhance the power and abilities of your heroes and characters. Utilize different portals to battle against darkness and opponents who bring chaos. Feel the fire within the game as it offers a bright and unique perspective on action and adventure. Experience world-class systems that enrich your tasks with thrills and suspense. Face off against opponents who challenge you on your journey.

Magic Streets MOD APK FREE
Magic Streets MOD APK FREE

Geolocation based gameplay

Experience the thrill of geolocation-based gameplay in this exciting game. Immerse yourself in a world filled with beautiful scenes and thrilling elements. This game offers a unique concept where you can explore your surroundings in real-time, creating a simulation world on your device. As you move, different activities and events will appear, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. Enjoy the brilliance of this game as you navigate through a dynamic and immersive experience.

Collect gears and powers

As you move, a unique combat system and rewarding mechanism unfold, allowing you to collect random rewards and gears along the way. These rewards and gears can be utilized as you progress through the game. With its own distinctive style and charm, the gameplay introduces next-level concepts of learning and mechanics. Over time, you can enhance your skills and customize your character, ensuring better performance in each fight and asserting dominance in the game.

Play with your pals

Magic Streets is an incredible game that offers premium geolocation-based strategic gameplay. In this game, you’ll engage in various forms of combat against your enemies, with the option to involve your friends and allies in challenging battles. Interact and chat with your friends to enhance the gaming experience, taking the fun and excitement to the next level. The engagement and thrill you’ll experience in Magic Streets are truly awesome and unforgettable.

Endless action with thrilling effects

This action game features a smooth interface that allows you to enjoy with your friends and everyone else. With various levels of fight scenes and enriched content, the gameplay offers different challenges and objectives to tackle. You’ll encounter new hits with solid battle concepts and rewarding mechanics. Experience top-notch gameplay with innovative features and creative elements that keep you engaged and entertained.

Pvp fights and other format of combat system

The combat system in this game is robust and exciting, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in thrilling gameplay. Engage in PvP fights where your skills and competence are put to the test, making every battle more exhilarating than ever. With perfectly designed strategies, power upgrades, and necessary resources, you’ll be well-equipped for the challenges ahead. The amazing PvP matches require you to excel in every aspect, showcasing your abilities in luxurious interactions.

Experience more with unlimited money and gems

This mod version offers an enhanced combat system with new accessories and skills, allowing you to customize abilities for your characters. Enjoy unlimited money and coins to unlock premium items and equipment, along with a vast array of medical supplies and other resources. With these benefits, you’ll have an amazing gaming experience with your friends.

End Results

Download Magic Streets Mod Apk to explore a magical neighborhood where everything appears randomly. Experience brilliant geolocation-based gameplay that immerses you in compelling action and combat, offering endless fun and excitement. With this modified version, you’ll enjoy thrilling magical events and new features that will surely leave you amazed. Don’t miss out on the endless fun and excitement waiting for you in this captivating game.

Magic Streets MOD APK
Magic Streets MOD APK

Get ready to fight epic monster battles and become a legend in your city! The geo location-based RPG game that lets you fight creatures, explore the wizarding world around you, solve quests, build your own medieval town, and battle powerful bosses with your friends using your GPS location.

— GPS —

Using GPS technology, Magic Streets brings a medieval open world to life by transforming your city into a magical fantasy realm filled with danger and excitement. As you geo move and explore the streets, you’ll encounter powerful monsters, hidden treasure chests, and quests that will challenge your skills and test your courage.

— Guilds —

Join a guild and strategize with other heroes to raid bosses, earning valuable loot and experience points along the way. Or join multiplayer battles and raids where you can team up with your friends and guildmates to defeat creatures and bosses around the world. Open portals to let guildmates travel around the world.

— Multiplayer —

Join the multiplayer boss battles and talk with fellow players via the new in-game chat.

— Build —

In addition to the classic RPG gameplay, Magic Streets also allows you to build your own city on the realm map. You can construct buildings to forge weapons and craft armor, enhancing your items and refining materials to become more powerful. You can even dye your armor to make them look more epic! With your own city, you can create a home base and defend it against enemy raid attacks.

— Hunt —

With geo treasure maps, you’ll discover hidden caches containing rare and powerful fantasy items that will aid you on your journey. That’s what location based gaming is all about!

— Join —

Start today and become the ultimate hero of your city by going out, exploring your surroundings, building your city, fighting battles, and unleashing your RPG skills in this multiplayer location based game!

— Accomplishments —

* Over 250.000 combined downloads.
* Over 7.500 highly ratings from real players.
* A discord community with over 2.000 players.
* Regular updates based on community feedback.

— Follow the project —

Join the discord community:

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