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Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game v6.9.5 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game
App Name Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game
Latest Version v.6.9.5
Last Updated
Publisher NTT Solmare Corp
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Game Game
Size 150 MB
Mod VIP Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.7 Rating (378) Votes

4.7 Rating (378 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Otome Dating Roleplay of Lovely Anime. Dating Ikemen!Otome Anime Dating Sim!


“Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game v6.9.5 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)” is an immersive experience that combines powerful gameplay with captivating storytelling. The game seamlessly blends cuteness and enjoyment into its storyline, creating an engaging experience. While the characters possess a cool factor, it would be even more enjoyable to see them further developed in the main story. Nonetheless, this otome game offers a truly unique experience, featuring a fantastic narrative and lovable characters that players can’t help but adore.

The main storyline is particularly compelling, drawing players in with its intriguing allure. However, it also presents the greatest challenge within the game. Overcoming these challenges can be frustrating at times, especially with the numerous engaging events happening simultaneously. Despite occasional moments of repetitiveness, “Obey Me!” delivers a remarkable gameplay experience that captivates players and leaves them eager for more.

Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game
Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game

“Obey Me MOD APK” is undeniably a fun and addictive game with its likable characters and unique dating game concept setting it apart from others. However, a couple of minor issues do arise. Firstly, the load times can be frustratingly slow, which can detract from the overall experience. Additionally, acquiring cards often requires a significant amount of grinding for materials that drop sparingly. While not insurmountable, this can become tedious, especially when considering the difficulty spike in the main story and the frequent release of events.

Nevertheless, despite these drawbacks, I wholeheartedly recommend the game. Its enjoyable gameplay, charming characters, and distinctiveness make it a worthwhile experience for any player. With its engaging storyline and captivating gameplay, “Obey Me MOD APK” offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

Obey me mod apk game

I absolutely adore the “Obey Me MOD APK” game. It offers a delightful blend of fun interactions with a diverse cast of characters. Not only does it provide a captivating dating game, but it also includes entertaining dance battles that I can’t get enough of! I’ve been engrossed in this game for nearly a year now, and the original version has kept me thoroughly engaged. It serves as a fantastic distraction from the stress of upcoming exams, allowing me to immerse myself in its captivating world.

Starting with the second installment, “Nightbringer,” playing this game has been incredibly beneficial for me, enhancing my understanding of the storyline. Additionally, it provides me with more compelling narratives and serves as a wellspring of inspiration for my artistic endeavors. Thanks to this mod APK, my gaming experience is further enhanced, making it even more enjoyable. While occasional frustrations arise, such as slow load times, the addictive nature of “Obey Me MOD APK” and its endearing characters make it a standout dating game worth playing.

Free earning of devil points

One aspect I find challenging is the difficulty in progressing without spending money. It often takes me several days to overcome a single level, which has led to moments where I stopped playing before eventually returning. Earning devil points is a laborious task, and acquiring grimm, the in-game currency, proves to be equally arduous. However, with the introduction of the Obey Me MOD APK, players can now enjoy all the premium benefits without having to spend their hard-earned money. This modification provides a welcome solution, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game and make progress without financial constraints.

Maximize resources anytime

The game, its characters, and the devoted fandom are universally loved by everyone. With a plethora of content available, it’s hard not to get drawn into the world of Obey Me! However, as much as I adore the game, I must admit that the main story becomes increasingly challenging to progress through. It could greatly benefit from improved balancing to enhance the overall experience. This is an important caveat that I would advise new players about; the gameplay can become tedious at times.

That being said, I highly recommend utilizing the Obey Me MOD APK, as it provides a means to maximize resources without the need to spend in-game points or real money. It’s a valuable tool that enhances the enjoyment and progress within the game. With the mod APK, players can overcome some of the challenges presented by the game’s difficulty curve and enjoy a smoother and more rewarding gaming experience.

Enahnaced personalities of the characters

The Obey Me MOD APK game has successfully captured my heart with its captivating characters. What I truly appreciate is how the developers expanded upon these characters and continued their story in another game, rather than abandoning the storyline altogether for newer games and ideas. While other games may have similar plots, they often lack the same exquisite qualities found in Obey Me. The artwork featured in the game’s cards is simply stunning, allowing players to delve deeper into the personalities of the characters as they progress. Although there are in-game items that require spending money, they are optional extras and not necessary with the assistance of our mod APK.

Everything accessible without any money

It’s a common sentiment among gamers that the packages in the game could be more affordable. The need to level up cards significantly and quickly within the game can be quite demanding, and obtaining certain items can prove to be challenging. These aspects can sometimes detract from the enjoyment, especially when all you want is to delve back into the captivating storyline.

However, with the assistance of the Obey Me MOD APK game, everything becomes accessible without any cost. This invaluable modification allows players to enjoy the game to its fullest extent, eliminating any barriers and ensuring a seamless experience. With the mod APK, players can bypass the challenges of in-game purchases and focus on immersing themselves in the captivating storyline without any restrictions.

Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game
Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game

End Results

In conclusion, “Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game” delivers a complete and immersive experience with its powerful playable gameplay. The game seamlessly combines cuteness, fun, and a captivating storyline. While the characters possess a cool factor, further development in the main story would be delightful. Despite the challenging main storyline, the game stands out as a genuinely unique experience with a fantastic narrative and lovable characters. Overall, it offers an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

▶▷▶Experience a Brand New Game◀◁◀
What if the characters could be by your side, laugh and cry together with you, and become your friend? – or even fall in love with you?
Obey Me! is a brand new otome dating simulation game in which the characters become a part of your everyday life.
▶ You regularly get text messages and phone calls from the charming characters.
▶ There is an intimacy level system in the game. The way you interact with the characters will affect your relationship with them.
▶ There is no gender selected for the main character, so anyone can play.

■ Story
Become the master who brings the ikemen demon brothers down to their knees and enjoy life at the Academy in the Devildom!
You have been selected to become an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons. Awaiting you are 7 ikemen demon brothers and a mountain of tasks…?!
There is only 1 rule you have to remember to survive…
One Master to RULE them all!

■Your Own Personal Harem of Demon Ikemen
Choose how you wish to enjoy your life: Will you whip the demon brothers into shape, or pursue a new romance?
…Maybe even a kiss from an ikemen demon awaits?

■ Entertaining Card Battles
Evil demons in the Devildom are after your soul! With the help from the 7 ikemen brothers, you can defeat them in exciting card battles. Choose your team, see the lovely chibi characters appear on your screen, and enjoy different music for each stage. Collect cards, level them up, and win the battles!

■ Official Website
Get the latest news on “Obey Me!” from our official website.

■ Social Media

This app is compatible with:
Android 5.0 or later

For the best gaming experience, we recommend playing this app with:
1. An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbps
2. A device with more than 2 GB RAM

【Obey Me! is recommended for those who…】
・Want to play an otome dating sim with a love story about ikemen.
・Are looking for a brand new anime otome dating sim.
・Want to have a relationship with ikemen demons in a lovely anime otome dating sim.
・Are interested in playing an anime dating sim.
・Have played other anime otome games, dating sims or otome roleplay before.
・Want to try an otome roleplay game with a love anime story of ikemen.
・Wish to have a relationship with 7 ikemen demons in an anime otome dating sim.
・Enjoy reading webtoons about love and dating ikemen demons.
・Love to play otome dating sim games about an anime love story with ikemen demons.
・Feel like playing an otome anime sim about a love story.
・Want to experience having an ikemen boyfriend in an otome roleplaying anime dating sim game.
・Have tried other anime idle roleplay dating sims before but want more lovely anime love stories with ikemen.
・Are familiar with otome animes or otome novels about lovely relationships with ikemen.
・Love reading an otome novel or an otome anime story about a lovely relationship with ikemen idol, or playing otome-style anime dating sims.
・Are keen to read otome novels or otome anime stories about dating otome anime ikemen.
・Like reading webtoons about love stories with ikemen.
・Have dreamed of dating and experiencing love with ikemen guys in an anime-style otome roleplaying game.
・Are interested in otaku culture and want to play an otome anime dating roleplay sim with a lovely story about love with ikemen.

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