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Sakura School Simulator v1.042.03 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Unlocked all)

SAKURA School Simulator
App Name SAKURA School Simulator
Latest Version v.1.042.03
Last Updated
Publisher Garusoft LLC
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 278 MB
Mod Menu, Money, Unlocked all
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (170) Votes

4.1 Rating (170 Votes )
Price: $ 0
This game is a "school simulator game" which is made in Japan.


Sakura School Simulator v1.042.03 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Unlocked all) offers players a wide range of gameplay options, making it a highly addictive and entertaining game. With its fun characters and interactive features, it’s no wonder why players find themselves immersed in the game’s world.

To enjoy Sakura School Simulator to its fullest, all you need is a smartphone with at least 2 GB of RAM and a system featuring specs equivalent to or better than Snapdragon 820. While the game may still run on older devices, performance may not be as smooth.

One of the main attractions of Sakura School Simulator is its diverse storyline, which offers players a variety of gameplay options to choose from. Some players prefer to immerse themselves in the simulation aspect of the game, making friends and exploring the school grounds. In this mode, players can chat, walk around, and engage in activities similar to real life.

On the other hand, there’s the option to embark on a more action-packed adventure by going on a wild rampage. Players can engage in fights and kick their way through challenges. For those looking for an extra thrill, visiting the Yakuza’s office to gather powerful weapons adds an additional layer of excitement to the game.

Don’t worry about explicit content

In Sakura School Simulator, despite the presence of life-threatening situations, the developers have taken measures to ensure that the game remains suitable for a wide audience. There are no depictions of blood, violence, torture, or any explicit content. Additionally, the concept of death is completely absent from the game.

When engaging in confrontations with other characters, players have the option to “stun” them instead of causing harm. Stunned characters simply disappear temporarily from the game, akin to shunning them away. It’s important to note that stunned characters will return to the game unharmed on the next day, emphasizing the non-lethal nature of the game’s interactions.

By maintaining a lighthearted approach and avoiding graphic content, Sakura School Simulator ensures that players of all ages can enjoy its gameplay without concerns about inappropriate content.

The communication

Communication is a central aspect of Sakura School Simulator, distinguishing it as a unique gaming experience. Players are empowered to engage in virtual conversations by selecting from a diverse array of phrases, topics, and discussions to interact with their in-game friends. This feature allows for dynamic and immersive social interactions within the virtual world.

In addition to the rich communication options, players have the ability to control or modify up to four characters simultaneously within a single stage. While the first two characters are available for free and pre-set within the game, players can unlock additional characters by opting to watch non-intrusive ads. This provides players with flexibility and choice in how they experience the game, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable gaming experience.

The animation

Sakura School Simulator offers players an immersive experience set in the fictional town of “Sakura Town,” heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Created entirely by Japanese developers, the game provides players with an authentic glimpse into Japanese high-school culture. From the charming town ambiance to the relatable situations encountered in the game, players can immerse themselves in the daily lives of Japanese students.

The game’s animations feature a blend of realistic scenarios and fantastical elements, including sci-fi events, adding excitement and variety to the gameplay experience. With its richly detailed world and diverse range of activities, Sakura School Simulator offers players endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

The gameplay

In Sakura School Simulator, players embark on a journey through Sakura Town, starting from a dorm and gradually navigating through various social circles. The game begins with an avatar customization process, allowing players to design their character to their liking, bringing their anime-inspired dreams to life.

Players have the freedom to interact with other characters in the game, forming friendships, rivalries, and even romantic relationships. They can attend school sessions or choose to explore the town independently. The game offers a variety of activities, including shopping at local markets, dining at sushi bars, and visiting tourist attractions.

One unique feature of the game is the car restore shop, where players can earn money through work opportunities and drive cars around the town. They can also explore scenic locations such as beautiful fields and amusement parks, enjoying the various attractions available.

Every action taken in the game contributes to shaping the character’s personality and experiences, making each player’s journey through Sakura Town unique and memorable. With its diverse range of activities and immersive gameplay, Sakura School Simulator offers players a dynamic and engaging simulation experience.

The cherry on top

Sakura School Simulator offers endless possibilities for players to explore and enjoy, making it a game that never truly ends. With frequent updates and additions of new content, players can always find something new to discover and experience. The recent updates have introduced exciting features such as a wide variety of kimono patterns, customizable car colors, additional hairstyles, baby costumes, a live music house, cooking styles, music tools, and more.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of the game is the ability for players to fly, hover, and jump around town freely. This unique feature adds a sense of freedom and excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to explore the world from a whole new perspective. Additionally, players can gather their friends and engage in fun activities together, such as performing stunts, showcasing dance moves, and forming lasting friendships within the game.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the world of Sakura School Simulator and experience all the fun it has to offer, download the game below and start your adventure today.

Whether you prefer a peaceful stroll through the school grounds or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Sakura School Simulator has something for everyone. So, gather your friends or gear up for battle – the choice is yours!

*Recommended environment for smooth playing:
Over 3GB RAM and over Snapdragon 820
If your device has not over this specifications,
this game doesn’t work smoothly.
“Becoming laggy”, “Shut down”, “Low memory problem” will occur soon.
If these trouble occur soon after you started the game,
restart the game or the device,
change setting “decrease students and people” are effective for smooth playing.
This game playing uses a lot of CPU and GPU,
close other applications as much as you can.

There are two ways to enjoy this game.
Make friends and lovers as you like.
Enjoy a brilliant school life!
Go on the rampage as you like.
Before do that, borrow the weapons from YAKUZA office.
You can get them easily if you don’t stop “flying”.

Read “HELP” in the game when you have some questions for playing.

This game is a “simulator”. So, there are many ways to defeat enemies.
Of course, if you want to defeat them by yourself, you can do it easily.
On the other hand, if you want to defeat them without weapons, of course you can.

There are no descriptions of blood in the game.
The people in the game world will be only “stun” but will not die.
The concept of death does not exist in this game
so that the people who were stun will wake up next day, and they will hate you.

You can control and change 4 players in the same stage (The two are valid after watching ADS.).
You have some choices for talking (sentenses will change randam).
You defeat enemies through simulations.
You need not to fight to enemies.
Look for the ways.

There are no end in this game.
Please make the situations as you like, and find favorite way for playing.
We hope you will enjoy the game.

The contents of this game will be added when we made the new game elements.
The additional contents will be shown as a “new” context in this page.

Although we used the charactor models of AOI and TAICHI in this game,
AOI is a NOT-FREE asset and TAICHI is a FREE asset.
Everyone who want to make a game contents and so on can use these assets.

Many Thanks!
Scrub-chan (C)Bijuu Mike

(C)2018 Garusoft LLC (former Garusoft Development Inc.)

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