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Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.651 (Unlimited Money)

Race Max Pro - Car Racing
App NameRace Max Pro - Car Racing
Latest Versionv.0.1.651
Last Updated
Requirements Android 8.0Android8.0
Size582 MB
ModUnlimited Money
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4.7 Rating (253) Votes

4.7 Rating (253 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Audi, BMW, Corvette, Nissan, Lotus & RUF. Play Race Max Pro for driving real car


Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.651 (Unlimited Money), developed by Tiramisu, is their latest racing game and one of the newest additions to mobile gaming. Offering fresh races, it brings several surprises in racing models, situations, game modes, and graphical quality. Despite being in early access, players can expect stunning visuals and exciting experiences. This simple racing game boasts gorgeous graphics, various vehicle types, and circuits. It features a comprehensive system for customizing and upgrading racing vehicles, allowing players ample opportunities to showcase their skills. While not a multiplayer racing game, its unique racer method adds an extra layer of challenge. Additionally, it includes a leader board offering substantial rewards. Keep an eye on Race Max Pro to see how it evolves!

Game modes

Race Max Pro offers three modes: Race, Drift, and Draft. While similar, each mode provides a unique experience. Race mode is the simplest, focusing on driving, balance, and speed. Drift and Draft modes require greater expertise. In these modes, players must drive, balance the car, and outmanoeuvre other racers to win. Speed becomes crucial here.

In Gamer Talent contests, players will encounter accessible characters who challenge them to races, boosting their confidence. Initially, two riders and an instructor will start, but players will unlock more characters and delve deeper into the narrative as they progress. Famous racers will also appear, promising thrilling competitions. Players must defeat them or be left in their automobile smoke.

Race Max Pro MOD APK
Race Max Pro MOD APK

Simple controls

Race Max Pro features simpler controls compared to other racing games. Players control the car using a nitro tank and two arrows. Touching the arrows moves the car left or right depending on the situation, although navigating perilous corners can be challenging. The nitro tank is crucial for racing strategy, but it takes time to recover. Therefore, players must use it strategically to gain an advantage and win the race.

Modern race car system

Race Max Pro offers a variety of supercars as a pleasant surprise in the game. With hundreds of the latest automobile models available in different colours and numerous customizable extras, players can create their ultimate street-killing race vehicle. By unlocking upgrades such as wheels, gearbox, turbo, nitro, weight, and engine, players can enhance the performance and appearance of their cars. Speed, nitro, acceleration, and handling are crucial factors, with each stat playing a vital role in securing victory on the track.

Advanced 3d graphics

Race Max Pro’s graphics are truly impressive. With amazing 3D graphics, every image and action appears crisp and lifelike. The highlight of the game is the racing experience, beautifully showcasing racing circuits set against diverse landscapes such as rivers, mountains, historic buildings, and more. Additionally, the racing effects, including dust, engine, and trail effects, are outstanding and add to the immersive experience.

The bright background music complements the engine sounds perfectly. Players also have the option to turn off the background music to hear different engine sounds, adding to the customization and immersion of the game.

Android race max pro mod apk

Race Max Pro has all the essential elements of a top-notch phone racing game. While it may lack community connection features, it offers a wide range of challenging tasks to keep players engaged at all times. With awesome automobiles, stunning 3D visuals, and a unique car customization system, Race Max Pro stands out among racing games. Whether you’re competing against great racers or simply enjoying the picturesque landscapes, this game offers an immersive and enjoyable experience. Best of all, it’s free to play with everything included.

Racetracks with tough opponents

Race Max Pro features stunning graphics and challenging races set in various environments. With multiple game modes, everyone can enjoy the thrill of racing to the finish line. The game’s controls are easy to learn and master, with simple left and right buttons for control. Holding a button allows for perfect drifting around corners. Additionally, the nitro function adds an extra element of speed to the car, enhancing the excitement of the race. Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, the real challenge begins as you compete against tough opponents and strive for victory.

Try other modes.

Race Max Pro offers intriguing level variation. The game begins with three modes: street, drag, and drift, each with its own objectives and rewards. Street racing against multiple opponents remains the most popular variant. Players control their car and compete against opponents, aiming to finish high in each stage. However, the track shouldn’t be too lengthy to avoid falling behind if mistakes occur. Players also learn how to defeat opponents and use nitro effectively.

The drift mode adds complexity to the game, focusing on scoring based on performance rather than just speed. Over time, players can improve their scores through skilful drifting. In drag mode, players must watch the speedometer’s hand approach the green region to shift gears, increasing speed. This mode requires precise timing and control to achieve maximum acceleration.

Game types have distinct goals

In Race Max Pro, players will quickly grasp the simple control approach as they race through the game. In street races, the goal is to defeat opponents and strategically use nitro to secure a high finish. Drift races require players to focus on accurate drifts to enhance their scores and progress through the game. In drag races, timing shifts are crucial to accelerating the car effectively.

Players have the opportunity to unlock and improve their favourite cars, which they can use to win races and defeat challenging bosses. With each victory and upgrade, players can advance further in the game and experience the thrill of high-speed racing.

Race Max Pro
Race Max Pro

End Results:

This outstanding modified version offers you the convenience of playing an excellent game that goes beyond your imagination. Having this exceptional game at your fingertips brings numerous benefits as you embark on your gaming journey. Immerse yourself in the excellence of this wonderful game, complete with enhanced elements and tools, all available for free. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the excitement and enjoyment that this game has to offer.

Ready to ascend to the throne of the racing world? With Race Max Pro, dominate the streets in three heart-pounding racing types: Street Racing, Drift Racing, and Drag Racing.

Strap in and blaze your trail to the summit!

In Race Max Pro, take the wheel of authentic race cars from top manufacturers like Ac Cars, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Lotus, Naran, Nissan, Renault, Rezvani, and RUF, featuring iconic models such as:

– BMW M8 Competition Coupe
– Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
– Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Vspec2
– Lotus Evija
– Audi RS e-tron GT
– Renault R5 Turbo 3E E-Tech

Choose your car and driving experience, customize and fine-tune your ride. Showcase your style by personalizing your car’s paint and rims, adding spoilers with tinted windows. Amp up the heat with eye-catching decals!

Dig, drift, drag, and roll your race car and driving skills to the finish line while leaving opponents in your dust. Career Mode, Real-Time Events, and fantastic Game Modes like time trial, airtime, and speed trap continually present new challenges.

There’s no limit to your performance! Challenge and defeat your opponents, upgrade your car, and elevate your level. Confront stronger bosses. Unlock new career classes and faster race cars.

Boost your driving with adrenaline, use your drift racing skills to control your car and be the fastest around corners!

How fast can you reach 60 miles? Rev up your engine, use the perfect launch for a great start! This race is all about torque and how fast your reflexes are!

Special Events – Test Your Limits
Engage in heart-pounding special events, pushing your skills to the limits. Conquer unique challenges and earn exclusive rewards.

Daily Events – Race Every Day
Fuel your passion for car and driving with daily series. Take on a new challenge every day, keeping the adrenaline pumping and the rewards flowing.

Weekly Events – Claim Your Glory
Prove your dominance on the weekly stage. Compete in intense weekly events, seize victory, and bask in the glory of your achievements.

Crash Leaderboards
Become a global legend or a local hero! With the leaderboard system, race your way to the top! Earn weekly rewards by staying on top!

Race in Different Places
Race with the world’s best race cars, including Ac Cars, Audi, Chevrolet, Lotus, Naran, Nissan, Renault, Rezvani, and RUF, featuring iconic models, in breathtaking locations such as the Amalfi Coast, Nordic Countries, West Coast, North America Deserts, Far East, and much more…

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