Malwarebytes Mobile Security v5.5.2243 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App NameMalwarebytes
Latest Versionv.5.5.2+243
Last Updated
Requirements Android 9Android9
Size45 MB
ModPremium Unlocked
Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (323) Votes

3.7 Rating (323 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Comprehensive All-in-One Security, Privacy, and VPN Solution for Everyone.


Malwarebytes Security is a powerful application designed to detect a wide range of threats, including ransomware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), Android hacks, phishing attempts, viruses, and malware. It provides robust protection for your device while you browse third-party websites or use applications. Configuring scanning and protection settings to enhance security and ensure optimal performance is straightforward. Users can trust that the software will operate smoothly without causing any interruptions. Malwarebytes Security is available in versions compatible with various computing devices, providing comprehensive protection across different platforms.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security FREE
Malwarebytes Mobile Security FREE

Ensure the protection of your device from applications and malware

Malwarebytes Security is an excellent choice for users navigating the complexities of an open operating system like Android. Often, users may inadvertently download files containing hidden threats. With Malwarebytes Security, you can easily identify potential risks to your device and access various protective measures tailored to your needs, depending on whether you’re using the free or premium version.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the free and premium versions of Malwarebytes Security:

1. Free Version:
– Basic malware scanning and removal capabilities.
– Limited real-time protection against threats.
– Manual scanning of files and applications for potential risks.
– No automatic updates for malware definitions.
– No additional features such as scheduled scans, app privacy audits, or call blocking.

2. Premium Version:
– Advanced malware scanning and removal features.
– Comprehensive real-time protection against a wide range of threats, including ransomware, phishing scams, and malicious websites.
– Automatic updates for malware definitions to ensure the latest protection.
– Additional features like scheduled scans for proactive threat detection, app privacy audits to identify privacy risks, and call blocking to filter unwanted calls.
– Enhanced customer support options for premium users.

Overall, while the free version of Malwarebytes Security offers basic protection, the premium version provides a more robust suite of features to keep your device safe from evolving threats.

Top notch protection layers and data

Indeed, the level of protection offered by Malwarebytes Security varies depending on the version you choose, making it essential to select the one that best suits your needs. While the free version notifies you of potential threats and scans for malware, it does not remove them. To attain comprehensive protection, upgrading to the premium version is recommended.

To ensure your device’s security, it’s crucial to implement safeguards that control access to potentially harmful content. Once you’ve determined which version of Malwarebytes Security aligns with your requirements, you can access the application and navigate to the settings section to enable the corresponding features. By configuring the settings according to your preferences, you can enhance your device’s protection against various cyber threats.

Real time protection against every issue

Consumers typically focus on scanning, protection, and other key features when evaluating security applications. Opting for real-time protection, anti-ransomware protection, and safe browsing are crucial measures to safeguard your online activities. Additionally, the scanning feature identifies potential threats that require the attention of the scanning application, providing users with various options to address them. Fortunately, Malwarebytes Security excels in addressing these concerns.

Upon completing the installation and activating all necessary functions, users can freely browse their preferred websites without encountering limitations. This seamless experience ensures that users can navigate the internet securely, knowing that Malwarebytes Security is actively protecting their devices from potential threats.

Hazardous factors must be altered or eliminated

The scanning and security features of Malwarebytes aim to shield users from potentially harmful components they may have downloaded or from unauthorized access to specific programs they’ve installed. By accessing these applications, users can readily review the shared information and adjust permissions as necessary. Additionally, any malicious software present on the device will be promptly detected and removed, thereby freeing up storage space by eliminating unnecessary items. This creates a safer web experience where websites, along with common computer risks, pose potential threats that demand vigilance.

Once Malwarebytes Security is installed, you can bid farewell to annoying interruptions from advertisements while browsing. This software is specifically designed to protect your device and provide a secure experience while engaging in activities you enjoy online. It is compatible with devices like Chromebooks and Android, ensuring you get the right version for your device quickly. With Malwarebytes Security, experienced individuals can browse without the distraction of advertisements and confidently identify problematic links, making it an invaluable resource for device security.

Awesome services all at your ease

Malwarebytes Security conducts a comprehensive examination of all the applications installed on your Android smartphone to determine their access privileges, ensuring you stay informed about this critical information. It’s essential to remain vigilant about apps that may track your location, listen in on your calls, or incur extra charges without your knowledge. The app provides a detailed overview of your device’s current security status and offers suggestions for enhancing its protection. This thorough analysis goes beyond a cursory glance, taking the necessary time to ensure your device’s security. Scans are performed instantly on downloads, files, directories, and applications, ensuring comprehensive coverage against potential threats.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security
Malwarebytes Mobile Security

End Results

Download Malwarebytes Security MOD APK to equip your device with comprehensive protection and security against various frauds, scams, and common internet issues. This modified version offers enhanced capabilities for identifying and removing adware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted applications such as screen locks and bloatware from your system. Our award-winning technology ensures thorough elimination of malware remnants that may go undetected by other antivirus systems. Get access to unlocked tools and premium features by downloading the modified version now.

Get a phone security app that helps protect you from viruses, malware and more. Malwarebytes’ award-winning antivirus app brings all the mobile security tools you need to help protect your phone. Get powerful virus protection with an anti virus cleaner, spam blocker, and more.

Enjoy online privacy and protection when streaming and browsing with all-new VPN features – from secured WiFi connections to lag-free browsing. Use your apps with VPN safely and anonymously, thanks to our upgraded next gen VPN.

Take on cybersecurity threats and protect against Android hacks with the top virus cleaner and malware removal tool. Protect your personal info with the top antivirus app.
Unlike other antivirus apps, we give you:
• Virus cleaner with award-winning malware removal & protection
• NEW VPN for secure, private browsing
• Simple anti-virus experience with a 1-click interface
• Ad-free privacy protector
• Mobile antivirus app blocking 4 million daily threats
• Trusted mobile malware removal tool for 300,000+ daily users

Get protection from Android hacks with Malwarebytes today. Download for a reliable virus cleaner and VPN for safe browsing.


🔰Mobile Antivirus Protection
– Anti phishing coverage
– Virus cleaner with phone protection
– Ransomware protection
– Spyware detection
– Spam filter & blocker

🔰Malware Removal & Remediation
– Malware scanner covers your phone security needs
– Threat scan for malware that other antivirus apps miss
– Award-winning anti virus protection & remediation
– Virus Cleaner: Get virus protection that prevents cybersecurity threats from returning

🔰Phone Security Audit
– Mobile security info at your fingertips
– Get your own online security audit
– Protect your phone with antivirus app reports

🔰Privacy Check
– Virus protection to help avoid the risk of ransomware
– Advanced identity privacy protector checks what information is shared across devices
– See what each app has access to – location, fees and call monitoring

Get top-notch mobile anti virus protection and secure VPN connectivity with Malwarebytes Premium. Protect your phone with our award-winning mobile security and antivirus app today.


🛡️ Full Threat Scan
– Quick scan: fast mobile security insight
– Deep scan: an in-depth online security audit
– Virus scan: hands-free malware detection
– Power Saving Scan: run during charge only

🛡️ Real-time Protection & Privacy
– 24×7 virus protection to stop cybersecurity threats
– Get online privacy with a 7-day, risk-free trial for your VPN
– Get a privacy protector that uses encrypted tunnels around the world for safe browsing

🛡️ Anti-ransomware
– Malware removal & anti-virus protection features for cybersecurity threats
– Protect your phone against ransomware

🛡️ PUP/PUM Protection
– Perform scans to detect Potentially Unwanted Programs and Potentially Unwanted Modifications

🛡️ Internet Security/Safe Browsing
– Anti phishing protection & mobile security when you scan URLs
– Get phone protection on all devices, at home, or on the go
– Protect your phone with the Malwarebytes Chrome extension.

Subscription Details:
• To activate the 7-day trial, you need an annual subscription (check in-app pricing).
• Cancel the subscription before the trial ends to avoid charges and access basic, features like the scanner.
• The subscription auto-renews annually after the 7-day trial unless canceled.
• Manage and adjust renewal settings in your Google Play account after purchase.
• The 7-day trial applies to a single subscription.

*Note: The Internet Security/Safe Browsing feature requires permission to use Accessibility Service. This permission allows the app to read your screen behavior and control your screen. Malwarebytes only uses this to determine if sites you visit are malicious.

Malwarebytes works on devices with Android 9+ with an active Internet connection.

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