GameI, The One - Fun Fighting Game

I The One MOD APK v3.47.04 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

I, The One - Fun Fighting Game
App NameI, The One - Fun Fighting Game
Latest Versionv.3.47.04
Last Updated
Requirements Android 6.0Android6.0
Size60 MB
ModUnlimited Money, Unlocked
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4.6 Rating (298) Votes

4.6 Rating (298 Votes )
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Kick all fighters out of the arena! Enjoy the casual fighting game experience


I The One MOD APK v3.47.04 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked), Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in the online fighting game!

You’re on the top of the roof. What will you do? Kick, punch, knockout — fight for the survival of course! There’s only room for one boxer in this ring. So take it!

I, The One is an accurate fighting simulator game, where you choose your mini city fighter and enter the battle arena. Defeat enemies with epic boxing moves, use karate skills and give deadly MMA punches! The goal is to push rivals out of the battlefield. For each punch, you’ll get points that will make the next one more powerful!

? Top features of I, The One: boxing game ?

• Join online PvP fights against players from all across the globe
• Kick harder & get points for more powerful punches
• Choose from a variety of battle arenas and modes with real action
• Use boxing and MMA moves to defeat other players in the fighting game
• Unlock new skins, boxing gloves, boosts and other features to upgrade your street fighter
• Play in both portrait and landscape modes


Who says a game needs ultra-realistic graphics to be great? Certainly not I, The One Mod Apk, the latest addition to our action-packed game collection. This game is all about kicking enemies and knocking them out of arenas, providing endless entertainment despite its less-than-stellar graphics. While the characters may be simple and the backgrounds not so breath taking, I, The One Mod Apk captivates with its engaging gameplay. The premise is straightforward: you’re dropped onto a roof and given two options—to fight or be knocked out. Survival is key, as there’s only room for one champion. Who will emerge victorious as the greatest boxer alive?



Although the game may seem simple at first glance, there’s more to it than just punching and kicking. In I, The One Mod Apk, the goal is to have the most fun while engaging in intense combat. Described as an “accurate fighting simulator” by the developers, the game allows you to unleash your true fighting spirit. You start by choosing your mini city fighter, who may look cute but is fierce in battle. Your objective? Push your opponents out of the battlefield.

To make the fights even more thrilling, the game features epic boxing moves, karate skills, and deadly MMA punches. Despite their size, these fighters pack a powerful punch, making every match exciting and unpredictable.

Fight Globally:

Why settle for fighting AI opponents when you can challenge real players from around the world? In I, The One Mod Apk, you can engage in PvP battles against thousands of players, each eager to prove their skills. With every punch you land, your opponent becomes stronger, adding to the challenge. But with determination and skill, you can rise to the top and become THE ONE.


One of the game’s key features is its variety. From different sceneries to various arenas and fighting modes, there’s always something new to explore. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape mode, the game offers flexibility to suit your playing style. So, dive in, show the world your fighting prowess, and have a blast while doing it!


In I, The One Mod Apk, upgrades are key to keeping players hooked. Like many simulation games, the developers have focused on designing gameplay that revolves around upgrades, making it a crucial feature. As you engage in more fights, you’ll unlock various items, including hundreds of skins, gloves, and boosts. These upgrades allow you to tailor your street fighter to your own preferences, ensuring gameplay remains dynamic and engaging. With a wide variety of options available, the world of upgrades is yours to explore and conquer.

How to Play:

I, The One Mod Apk is incredibly easy to pick up and play. The game boasts interactive, user-friendly controls that make it accessible to players of all skill levels. In landscape mode, you’ll find a joystick for movement and a button for attacking enemies. With only two buttons to contend with, gameplay is streamlined and intuitive.

In portrait mode, the controls remain similar but with a twist. The joystick is virtual, requiring you to move your finger in the desired direction to control your fighter’s movement. Once you release your finger, your fighter will attack. Many players have praised the game for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a must-try for anyone looking for fast-paced action.

With that said, we highly recommend giving this game a try and letting loose all your inhibitions. Everyone needs a way to unleash their darker side, and doing so in such a cute game feels like a blessing. While I, The One Mod Apk may not have the same high-end graphics as other games, it more than makes up for it with its fun gameplay, easy controls, delightful characters, and fantastic soundtrack. But ultimately, the true experience can only be felt when you try it out for yourself. So, why wait? Download I, The One Mod Apk below and start boxing!

? How to play ?

• In landscape mode use a joystick and attack button
• In portrait mode move by turning a virtual joystick in the required direction and release it to perform an attack

Ready to be the champion of this boxing arena? Unleash your fighting rage in fighting games and beat ‘em up!


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