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House Designer v1.1480 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

House Designer : Fix & Flip
App Name House Designer : Fix & Flip
Latest Version v.1.1480
Last Updated
Publisher Karate Goose Studio
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Game Game
Size 90 MB
Mod Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.7 Rating (336) Votes

4.7 Rating (336 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Love to design? With House Designer, this opportunity has become even closer.


House Designer v1.1480 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) provides an immersive experience where players can unleash their creativity and design skills by refurbishing and furnishing virtual homes. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced designer, this game offers a platform to explore and experiment with various design concepts and ideas. With its ultra HD 3D graphics and realistic environment, players can enjoy a visually stunning experience while working on their home improvement projects. From cleaning up old houses to furnishing them with beautiful furniture, the game offers a wide range of customization options to create the perfect home. Whether you prefer a modern or aristocratic look, you can use your creative ideas to transform the space according to your preferences.

In House Designer Mod Apk, players have access to the best-class materials and furniture items, which they can purchase from shops offering unique and antique wardrobes, beds, tables, chairs, and more. With unlimited money provided in this modded version, players can freely unleash their creativity without worrying about budget constraints. They can decorate the yard or garden according to their fashion, design luxurious pools, and create the perfect ambiance for the house. Additionally, players can also sell the house after designing to earn profits, adding another layer of gameplay depth and strategy to the experience.

House Designer MOD APK Free Download
House Designer MOD APK Free Download

House Designer Mod Apk

House Designer Mod Apk, developed by Karate Goose Studio, offers players an immersive experience in house designing and recreation. Players start by purchasing shabby old houses at low prices, then proceed to repair and transform them into stunning properties. With a wide range of items available for redecoration, including kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, paints, beds, and chairs, players can unleash their creativity to create luxurious living spaces. However, purchasing these items from the shop requires money, which may not be affordable for everyone. That’s where House Designer Mod Apk comes in – it provides players with unlimited money for gameplay, ensuring that they can access all premium features and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without any ads. Additionally, this modded version is safe and secure, as it does not require rooting during installation and offers protection against viruses and bans. With House Designer Mod Apk, players can dive into the world of house design and furnishing with ease and freedom.

Customize Every Corner Of The House

In House Designer Mod Apk, players have the freedom to redesign every aspect of a house, from the kitchen and bedroom to the garden and pool. With a wide selection of classic materials and efficient design tools, players can unleash their creativity and transform shabby houses into stunning properties. From choosing furniture for the living room and dining area to selecting paints for the walls, players can customize every corner of the house according to their preferences. With the ability to manually place furniture and decorations, players can create unique and personalized living spaces that suit their needs and style. Whether it’s selecting the perfect table and chairs for the dining room or adding decorative elements to the garden, House Designer Mod Apk offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Design Garden for Better Home Outlook

In House Designer Mod Apk, players not only focus on redesigning the interior of the house but also pay attention to the exterior, including the yard or garden. By planting new trees and flowers, players can enhance the beauty of the garden and create a welcoming environment. Additionally, players can trim and prune the leaves to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. To further improve the garden, players can add modern features and decorative elements, such as pathways, benches, and decorative lights. By carefully designing the exterior space, players can create a stunning and harmonious living environment that complements the newly renovated interior of the house.

Build New Things In the House TO Improve Its Value

House Designer Mod App empowers users to exercise their creativity and tailor the appearance of their house according to their preferences. With a wide selection of furniture and decor options, users can experiment with different styles and arrangements to achieve their desired look. From selecting unique wall treatments to upgrading kitchen appliances, users have the flexibility to customize every aspect of their home. Additionally, incorporating luxurious amenities such as a stylish pool can enhance the overall appeal and value of the property. By strategically investing in high-quality furnishings and expanding the layout with additional rooms and halls, users can significantly increase the market value of their home. With its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, House Designer Mod App offers users a dynamic platform to express their design vision and create their dream home.

Earn Profit By Working Creatively In The House

In House Designer Mod Apk, players are presented with a wide range of tasks and features to explore and utilize in their quest to renovate and modernize houses. From purchasing rundown properties to cleaning them up and applying fresh coats of paint, players can transform these homes into stunning modern residences. By selecting high-quality furniture and implementing luxurious amenities, players can significantly increase the value of the property. Once the renovation is complete, players have the option to sell the house at a substantial profit, rewarding them for their hard work and creativity. With its detailed features and engaging gameplay, House Designer Mod Apk offers players an immersive and rewarding experience in the world of home renovation and design.

Shop Various House Appliances To Improve Luxury In Furnishing

House Designer Mod Apk provides users with a comprehensive approach to house redesigning, offering access to various shops where they can purchase a wide range of items to decorate and furnish their homes. Within these shops, users can browse through an extensive selection of both luxury and affordable items, allowing them to cater to their design preferences and budgetary constraints. Once users have selected their desired items, they can easily purchase them and bring them back to their house for installation. With an intuitive interface and streamlined purchasing process, House Designer Mod Apk ensures that users can effortlessly access the items they need to create vibrant and efficient designs for their homes.

Apply luxury To Your Budget

In House Designer Mod Apk, players have the opportunity to explore a wide range of redesigning facilities and features. By visiting the shops in the market, players can purchase goods tailored to their specific needs, selecting items that align with their budget and design preferences. Whether opting for luxury or more budget-friendly options, players can utilize their resources wisely to decorate their homes in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner possible. With unlimited money available in the modified version, players have the freedom to invest in high-quality furnishings and decorations, ultimately creating homes of significant value and earning substantial profits when selling them. This abundance of resources allows players to fully unleash their creativity and design skills without being limited by financial constraints.

House Designer MOD APK
House Designer MOD APK

End Results

Download the House Designer Mod Apk from the below-given link and use your creative ideas to develop the most beautiful and valuable house in the town. Work hard to clean the shit and paint well afterward buy luxury decorating items and furnishing furniture, so you can earn huge profit by working hard and decorating the garden green and interior of the house—the best game for your House designing skills to polish.

Play House Designer : Fix and Flip today – a fun simulator game of house renovation where you can realize all your home design fantasies into reality. Try yourself in the role of house flipper.

Interior designer
Do you like interior design?
In House Designer you can buy a house and do experiments with home design and express your creativity in it. There is a lot of selection of house furniture, beds, chairs, tables, bath and kitchen furniture, painting and other decor items.
Upgrade your skills and polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.

In House Designer you can find yourself as a Garden designer.
Create harmony and beauty on your backyard in combination with the comfort of the placed decor items and furniture on your garden.
Care for your grass using a grass-cutter and a rake.
Plant flowers and put garden beds with exotic plants in your garden.
Install a pergola, place comfortable chairs in it, or lay tiles around the pool area and place the sun beds. It all depends on you. Plan the whole garden according to your imagination.
Backyard design is able to make your garden cozy, beautiful, and most importantly – original and unique.

Buy, Fix & Flip
Buy devastated houses, repair them and upgrade their design. Give them a second life and live in them or sell with profit. Earn a fortune in house flipping.

Renovate work
Perform tasks for cleaning and designing houses and other interesting locations.

Download House Designer: Fix and flip and become the best house flipper and designer of the county!

You can always write on e-mail of our studio about your problem and we will certainly consider your application.

Mail for communication: [email protected]

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