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Hero Wars MOD APK v1.192.000 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlock Skills)

Hero Wars
App NameHero Wars
Latest Versionv.1.192.000
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.1Android5.1
CategoryRole PlayingRole Playing
Size110 MB
ModUnlimited Money/Gems/Unlock Skills
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4.4 Rating (552) Votes

4.4 Rating (552 Votes )
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Fantasy RPG: Collect epic heroes, win arena battles, be a legend in idle wars!


Hero Wars, developed by Nexters Global Ltd, is an engaging fantasy RPG gameplay that offers addictive gameplay and a variety of challenges to test your power and skills. With stylish PvP arenas and epic battles against raid bosses, this RPG has become widely popular among gamers. In Hero Wars, players are tasked with defending their world, known as Dominion, from the invasion of the mighty Archdemon and his army.

As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit and train heroes to fight against the forces of evil. Your goal is to become the invincible hero of Dominion and save it from foreign attacks. The game offers thrilling battles and grand arenas where you can showcase your dominance and power. With strategic gameplay and exciting combat mechanics, Hero Wars allows you to engage in epic battles against giant enemies and lead your army to victory.

Hero Wars MOD APK
Hero Wars MOD APK

Experience the thrill of defending your kingdom, fending off invaders, and leading your heroes to glory in this action-packed RPG fantasy game. Join the fight to save Dominion and become the ultimate hero of your world in Hero Wars.

In Hero Wars, players embark on a journey to collect heroes, unlock various characters, and gather rewards to enhance their skills and combat abilities. Engage in skilled battles and PvP matches in arenas to prove your worth and dominance. Forge alliances by recruiting and training your army of heroes to thwart the evil plans of the Archdemon and bring him down to misery.

The game offers a guild system where players can join forces with others to strengthen their army and achieve victory. Obtain rare items and gems to power up your soldiers and upgrade their skills, preparing them for challenging boss fights. Hero Wars MOD APK introduces iconic PvP arenas and multiplayer matches against online opponents, allowing you to dominate the world of Dominion and establish yourself as an invincible protector.

Enter the grand arena, unlock rewards, master new skills, and amass power as you collect heroes and upgrade them to leave behind a legendary legacy. Dive into this captivating RPG adventure and embark on a quest to defeat the sinister intentions of the goblin and claim victory in the world of Hero Wars.

Hero wars mod apk

Hero Wars MOD APK offers its own unique style and charm, immersing players in its captivating world and leaving them craving for more. With addictive gameplay and seamless mechanics, this game keeps users engaged and entertained for hours on end. Engage in epic PvP arenas and battles against the Archdemon and his sinister army, but the excitement doesn’t end there.

Participate in thrilling PvP matches against real players online, adding another layer of excitement and challenge to the game. To overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious, players must fend off enemies and defeat powerful bosses, which often require power-ups and boosts.

With unlimited money provided in this mod version, players can unlock all superheroes, upgrade their skills and powers, and enhance their combat abilities without worrying about running out of resources. Enjoy unlocked levels and modes, embark on campaigns against various enemies and armies, and forge powerful guilds with proper training equipment.

Take advantage of free shopping to unlock and purchase accessories, allowing you to customize your heroes and gear to your liking. With god mode enabled, explore rare rewards and conquer every challenge with ease. Dive into the world of Hero Wars as an invincible hero, equipped with all the skills and powers you need to emerge victorious in every battle.


Absolutely! Hero Wars MOD APK provides users with a plethora of brilliant features and extraordinary functions to explore in the deadly arena of Dominion. Dive into this incredible world, save power, and influence, and stay connected to uncover even more thrilling adventures!

Dozens of heroes to play with

The gameplay of this fantastic RPG adventure immerses you in a world of combat and battles. Defeat raid bosses and assert your power by making extraordinary strategic moves. Utilize invincible heroes to leave your mark on Dominion. Each hero in the game comes with unique skills and powers. Collect heroes along the way by unlocking them and selecting them strategically for different arenas and battles. Earn rewards and currency to unlock dozens of powerful heroes who can help you preserve your legacy. Train your heroes to enhance their power and strength through upgrades, power-ups, and boosts, allowing you to fend off invaders effectively.

Powerful arenas, fights, battles, pvp, and modes

In Hero Wars MOD APK, players are immersed in an epic world of fantastic battles, where their heroic skills are needed to save the people and prestige of Dominion. This game offers incredible battles against the Archdemon and his army, who seek to overtake your kingdom. Utilize all your powers and skills by unlocking heroes in this magnificent battle game. Engage in arenas, grand arenas, decisive PvP matches, and fights against armies with your heroes. Unlock and collect heroes, then train them to forge your guild. Take heroic action in this fast-paced gameplay, which presents challenges at every step. Campaign against powerful armies and enemies using your skill sets and heroes. Make proper upgrades, power-ups, and boosts to leave a legacy of heroes behind you.

Online multiplayer with pvp matches

Having your hand on this peaceful yet aggressive gameplay brings a variety of skills and combats to play in various modes. After overtaking the Archdemon and his army, users can also explore deadly matches against online opponents. Defeating raid bosses and winning several rewards with your trained heroes and their skill set adds to the excitement. Join guilds to engage in online PvP matches, defeating opponents and their armies to demonstrate the invincibility of Dominion. Boost power-ups and upgrade heroes, appearances, and skill sets, collect rewards, and enjoy your game like a pro in this legendary gameplay.

End Results

Download Hero Wars MOD APK to immerse yourself in an epic RPG adventure where you’ll sacrifice everything to save Dominion. Build armies and bases, train your heroes by unlocking more powerful ones, and engage in super battles with combat abilities. Experience thrilling multiplayer matches against players worldwide and lead your team to victory. Defeat raid bosses and unlock items and characters with unlimited money in this mod. Simplify gameplay to win more and strike hard against enemies.


Hero Wars is an online idle RPG fantasy game. Clash with the Archdemon and his evil army in epoch-shaping battles and collect epic heroes along the way. A sensational adventure awaits!

Power up your heroes, unlock skills, train your army, and forge a guild. Do battle in exhilarating multiplayer wars with this online AFK RPG fantasy adventure. Prove your worth as a great warrior and leave behind a legacy of peace in the Dominion!

Join the adventure in the Hero Wars fantasy battle RPG! Experience rich, strategic gameplay. In Hero Wars, you can:
• Build an army of epic heroes, unlock their unique skills, and decimate your enemies
• Engage in epic battles against your fellow players in the PvP arena
• Fight boss battles against legendary foes in the battle arena
• Join a guild or start your own to share skills and train with other warriors
• Earn rewards and get rare items, level up your gameplay, and work towards becoming a legendary hero

Summon heroes, titans, and other characters to fight for control over the Dominion in the battle arena. Join the battle and immortalize your heroes in legends!

Battle enemies in this idle war RPG set in the land of the Dominion. Collect heroes, earn new powers and skills, and level them up. Achieve victory in war to take your place beside the heroes from legends.

The battle arena is the perfect place to show your strength: clash with epic bosses in the war against the Archdemon and his followers, or play strategic minigames. In the City Gates minigame, make your way up a tower with a single hero, fighting enemies and solving math puzzles along the way.

Play this mobile idle RPG anytime, anywhere—and if you want even more streamlined gameplay, use the auto battler. If you’re busy but still want adventurous gameplay, the auto battler will help your heroes become legends even with your demanding schedule!

In this idle war game, you can collect heroes, unlock skills, summon enemies to defeat in battle, and play alongside friends in the PvP arena.

Power is yours for the taking. Download Hero Wars, the epic mobile fantasy RPG, and play in the company of hero legends!

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