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FRAG Pro Shooter v3.18.1 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked)

FRAG Pro Shooter
App NameFRAG Pro Shooter
Latest Versionv.3.18.1
Last Updated
PublisherOh BiBi
Requirements Android 6.0Android6.0
Size110 MB
ModMenu/Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (478) Votes

4.2 Rating (478 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Fun and Friendly PvP game


FRAG Pro Shooter v3.18.1 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked), FRAG Arena MOD APK offers an exceptional shooting experience, presenting players with captivating online shooting scenarios filled with unique challenges. With over 90 different characters available in FRAG Pro Shooter, players can assemble deadly squads to engage in battles where teams of up to ten members compete. Constant vigilance is essential as opponents relentlessly hunt for opportunities to eliminate you. Equipping your characters with the best protective gear is crucial for their survival amidst the intense battles.

To excel in the game, players must maintain high levels of alertness and attentiveness as they navigate through various multiplayer modes, special abilities, and auto-fire features. Effective coordination and communication with teammates are essential for success. Destroying opponents’ bases and shields earns points for your squad, but players must also prioritize defense to safeguard their own base.

Regularly upgrading characters enhances their abilities and endurance, providing players with a competitive edge over their adversaries. As players hone their skills through practice and strategic gameplay, they can dominate the battlefield and lead their team to victory in FRAG Arena MOD APK.

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD
FRAG Pro Shooter MOD

Regularly attending daily tasks is crucial for earning valuable rewards that can aid you in battle within FRAG Arena MOD APK. By leveraging these rewards effectively, players can enhance their performance on the battlefield. It’s essential to recognize and develop your strengths while also addressing your weaknesses to become a well-rounded player.

Collaborating with various opponents and forming alliances can provide valuable insights and strategies that contribute to your growth and improvement in the game. Learning from others’ experiences and adopting effective gameplay strategies can greatly enhance your performance.

Focusing on character upgrades and power enhancements is vital for gaining hands-on experience and improving your capabilities in combat situations. Joining groups and clubs with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the game allows for further learning and exchange of knowledge, fostering a supportive community where players can thrive and excel in FRAG Arena MOD APK.

FRAG Arena MOD apk

FRAG Arena MOD APK offers a captivating PvP hero experience where players can select their favorite heroes, build their teams, and engage in thrilling arena battles. Developed by Oh BiBi, this FPS and TPS battle game provides endless rewards and bonuses through daily tasks and missions, enhancing the addictive gameplay experience.

Each character in FRAG Arena MOD APK comes with unique strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and strategy to the combat. With the game’s ad-free and distraction-free mod, players can fully immerse themselves in the action-packed battles.

Available for Android devices, FRAG Arena MOD APK comes with Unlimited Money, allowing players to unlock all characters effortlessly. With its engaging management system and diverse gameplay formats including FPS and TPS, FRAG Arena MOD APK is sure to delight gamers of all kinds.


1. Unlock All Characters and Levels: With the modded version of FRAG Arena, you’ll have access to all characters and levels right from the start, allowing you to fully explore the game’s content without restrictions.

2. Enhanced Gameplay: Experience the game without interruptions or limitations thanks to the mod’s ad-free and distraction-free features, providing a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

3. Full Support: The modded version of FRAG Arena is designed to provide you with full support, ensuring that you can play the game at your best level and fully enjoy all it has to offer.

4. Customization Options: Customize your gaming experience by setting everything according to your preferences, whether it’s adjusting settings, controls, or other aspects of the game.

Overall, the modded version of FRAG Arena offers a range of unique features that enhance the gameplay and provide a more satisfying experience for players.

Enjoy unlocked and upgraded tools

In the official version of the game, acquiring sufficient money can be challenging, often requiring real money purchases to progress. However, with the modded version of FRAG Pro Shooter, you’ll have access to unlimited money without any cost. This means you can freely purchase resources, gears, and other items for your characters without any limitations. Enjoy the game to its fullest with the abundance of resources at your disposal, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience without worrying about running out of money.

Unending gold in mod

With the FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk, you’ll not only have access to unlimited money but also unlimited gold, all provided for free. Gold is a valuable currency in the game used for unlocking new characters, purchasing upgraded weapons, and acquiring various game items from the store. In the official version, accumulating unlimited gold requires significant effort, often involving completing numerous challenging levels. However, with the modded version, you can enjoy unlimited gold right from the start, allowing you to easily unlock characters, upgrade weapons, and buy items from the game store without any constraints. Enjoy the game without worrying about resource limitations and progress at your own pace with the abundance of gold at your disposal.

40+ characters to play

With over 40 unique characters in the game, each possessing distinct weapons and roles, the FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk offers you the opportunity to access all these characters without any cost. In the official version, unlocking all characters typically requires spending real money. However, with our mod version, you can freely choose any character you desire, allowing you to experiment with different playstyles and strategies without the need for any financial investment. Enjoy the full roster of characters and explore their diverse abilities and roles as you engage in exhilarating battles within the game.

Free for premium

In the official version of FRAG Arena, players often encounter interruptions from unwanted advertisements, which can disrupt the gaming experience. To remove these ads and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, users typically need to purchase a premium subscription. However, with our FRAG Arena MOD APK version, players can enjoy ad-free gameplay entirely free of charge. Say goodbye to those pesky interruptions and immerse yourself fully in the thrilling battles without any distractions.

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK
FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK

End Results

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive guide! With the information shared in this article, readers will gain a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the FRAG Arena MOD APK version. From unlimited resources to ad-free gameplay, players can expect an enhanced gaming experience with this modded version. If they’re looking to explore various gaming aspects and enjoy seamless gameplay, this guide will surely assist them in making the most out of their gaming experience.

Dear Fraggers,
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of FRAG V3!

FRAG is a free PvP hero game. Choose your hero, create your team, enter the arena and start the combat. Discover FRAG, the FPS and TPS battle game by Oh BiBi!

Play explosive 1v1 duels against players worldwide in this FPS and TPS game designed for your phone. If you prefer social games, don’t worry; we have a 2vs2 online team game option.

PvP mode filled with epic battles:

– Join players from all over the world who love battle games
– Meet other players for short and crazy online PvP battles
– Control your character in first person (FPS) or third person (TPS) games views
– Discover the new 2v2 team mode! Cooperate with one of your friends or a random player to defeat the opponent team
– 100+ unique weapons: try them all

Personalize your gameplay for 1v1 matches:

– Switch between your 5 characters and gain the advantage
– Choose your strategy and lead your team to the victory
– Being dead isn’t that bad: revive instantly with another character and start over
– Your battle team, your style: attack, defense, etc.
– Adapt the weapon to the map and to your gameplay

Create your own FRAG team:

– 100+ heroes for your dream team
– Customize the skins and the power to make your hero the absolute champion
– Play offline or online in the combat games
– Multiplayer is not a dream anymore, if you can play online, you can play with others
– 5 heroes means 5 weapons, find the right balance between all


– Every character has its strengths and weaknesses: try them all to see which ones are best for you!
– Both offline and online the heroes have the same powers!
– Attack the enemy target to get lots of points, but beware of ambushes!
– Check your missions for unique rewards!

New month, new hero, new meta:

– The same team can’t win forever
– Nerf and buff custom-designed monthly to ensure an exciting meta

In case you want to fire offline, don’t worry, Frag lets you fire offline as well!

FRAG has everything a game needs: FPS and TPS options, auto fire, and all the controls are adjustable to fit your playing style!

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