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Botworld Adventure v1.19.2 MOD APK (Menu, Free Shopping, God Mode)

Botworld Adventure
App Name Botworld Adventure
Latest Version v.1.19.2
Last Updated
Publisher Featherweight
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Game Game
Size 560 MB
Mod Menu, Free Shopping, God Mode
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (630) Votes

4.6 Rating (630 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Battle your way through an Epic Open World RPG from the makers of Rodeo Stampede


Botworld Adventure v1.19.2 MOD APK (Menu, Free Shopping, God Mode), Welcome to Botworld Adventure, one of the most thrilling games out there for players seeking an exciting journey. In this game, your objective is to explore a diverse range of environments, each with its own unique look and available resources. From dungeons to deserts, icy worlds to lush forests, marshes, and more, you’ll embark on an adventure filled with excitement and discovery. Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of exploration and find joy in every situation you encounter.

Botworld Adventure
Botworld Adventure

Throughout your journey in Botworld Adventure, you’ll encounter various bots, which are robotic companions that you can recruit to join your cause. These bots possess unique strengths and abilities that you can learn to utilize in combat situations. They’ll aid you by rescuing you from tough enemies and bosses, helping you organize items, providing maps, and more. Engage in thrilling real-time battles set in stunning locations with breath taking scenery. Having bots by your side makes you more powerful and increases your chances of success in battles. Collect weapons and missiles, upgrade your bots’ abilities, and ensure their well-being as you focus on your journey. By winning battles, looting valuables, and completing tasks, you can enhance your overall power and collect rewards. With adaptable bots, you can conquer even the most formidable bosses. As you continue your journey, you’ll encounter hundreds of activities, loot items, and earn rewards.

Botworld adventure mod apk

Botworld Adventure Mod APK offers advanced hacks and benefits, including unlimited money for upgrades, unlocking bots and tools, and enhancing individual bot abilities. You can increase bot capacity, unlock more bots, and gain extra lives to aid in your quest. Advertisements are disabled in this version, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay. You’ll have access to all previously obtained weapons, tools, and combat abilities to overcome challenges. Random bonuses enhance immersion and provide more opportunities for enjoyment. Additionally, accessing new and lucrative sites will further empower your bots and enhance their assistance.

Here are the exceptional features that make Botworld Adventure Mod APK stand out:

1. Engage in Real-Time Tactical Battles:

Dive into thrilling battles against a variety of foes in different environments. These enemies come with unique powers and strengths, so choosing the right bots to align with is crucial. Stay alert as you explore, as challenging bosses may await you in undiscovered areas.

2. Befriend Powerful Bots:

Encounter robotic companions known as bots throughout the game. Each bot possesses distinct powers and abilities, and you can upgrade and enhance their skills to assist you on your journey, especially during battles.

3. Explore Hidden Wonders:

Embark on a journey to explore diverse environments, from beautiful landscapes to treacherous terrains. Discover the beauty and danger lurking in each location, as well as valuable treasures and items. Each area, such as Ashen Shore, Fall Grove, and Spore Wood, offers a unique and captivating experience.

Discovering epic loot, valuables, treasures, and hacks is a key aspect of Botworld Adventure Mod APK. Throughout your exploration, you’ll encounter powerful bosses and adversaries who may use missiles to attack your bots. To combat this, it’s crucial to collect valuables and upgrades scattered across various locations. Acquiring treasures and items will strengthen your bots and prepare them to assist you effectively.

End Result

In conclusion, downloading Botworld Adventure Mod APK allows you to explore a world filled with beauty and danger. Utilize the bots you encounter to navigate through different environments, upgrading their skills to better face adversaries. Collect hidden valuables to enhance your capabilities and prepare for upcoming challenges. With limitless money provided in this mod, you can easily obtain valuable tools and goods for free, ensuring an exciting and successful adventure.


Botworld is a huge, beautiful and diverse world which you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Enter new environments, meet a variety of characters, collect rare treasures and uncover the many secrets hidden in Botworld. You can freely explore the many lush forests and arid deserts but make sure you have a strong team of bots because you never know what’s around the corner!


Outsmart your foes in a unique strategic battle system. Your bots will leap, charge, stun or blast around the arena using advanced AI while you pick the perfect abilities to stomp your foes. Each bot has unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combine these with your favourite player abilities for maximum effect.


You will discover, build and collect rare and powerful bots to create the ultimate team. Search the world to discover new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your favourites. Customise their powers and abilities as they level up and get stronger.


Play as one of 4 species: cats, dogs, buffalo and lizards. Choose a unique look to add your own personality to the character.


Now Botmasters can come together and collaborate in completing quests! Join an existing guild or create your own, with the ability to share strategies and discoveries through the guild text chat. When you have enough botmasters in your crew, venture forth and take on the guild exclusive events! Finish these so you can score some unique scrap and outfits!

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