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AdGuard v4.4.81 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

AdGuard: Content Blocker
App Name AdGuard: Content Blocker
Latest Version v.4.4.81
Last Updated
Publisher AdGuard Software Limited
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 33 MB
Mod Premium Unlocked
Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (597) Votes

3.7 Rating (597 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Ad Blocker App: Block All Online Ads in Samsung Internet and Yandex Browser


AdGuard v4.4.81 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android is a reliable application designed to block and remove unwanted ads on your Android device. Developed by AdGuard, this application is currently not available on the Google Play Store due to certain policy violations. However, you can download it from our platform. The app is regularly updated by the developer to ensure optimal performance.

As the number of Android and PC users continues to grow, so does the prevalence of advertisements across various platforms. Adguard Premium APK provides ad-blocking solutions for both PC and Android users. The primary goal of the application is to enhance security by preventing malicious ads from appearing in web browsers. Many websites contain harmful advertisements that pose a threat to user security.

With Adguard Premium APK, you can utilize advanced ad-protection features to block unwanted ads from your smartphone. Unlike in the past, where rooting your phone was necessary to block mobile ads, this application allows you to achieve ad-free browsing without rooting your device. Simply follow the simple steps to download and install the application, and enjoy a seamless browsing experience free from intrusive advertisements.


In addition to ad-blocking features, the Adguard Premium APK application also offers enhanced security features for smartphones. As smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, ensuring their security is paramount. When browsing the internet, especially on untrusted websites, you may encounter pop-up ads that could potentially contain malicious content or malware.

Clicking on these pop-up ads inadvertently could lead to your device being compromised, with hackers gaining access to sensitive information. However, with Adguard Premium, you can effectively defend against all types of advertisements, including those containing malicious content. By blocking these ads, you can safeguard your device from potential security threats and enjoy a safer browsing experience on your Android device.

Remove web ads

When browsing the web using Google search, many of us encounter annoying advertisements that disrupt our browsing experience. However, by using Adguard Premium APK, you can effectively eliminate these ads from the websites you visit. Once you activate the ad-blocking feature in the application, it will start detecting and blocking ads on your smartphone.

Ads not only affect your browsing performance but can also impact your overall mobile performance. By using Adguard Premium APK, you can prevent these ads from hindering your browsing experience and ensure smoother performance on your device.

Moreover, the application offers additional security features that provide excellent protection for your mobile device. While there are numerous security applications available on the Google Play Store, not all of them may work perfectly on every mobile device. Additionally, many of these applications require rooting your device to access advanced features.

However, with Adguard Premium APK, you can block malicious ads and malware without the need to root your smartphone. This makes it a highly beneficial application for everyone looking to enhance their browsing experience and ensure the security of their mobile device.

Favorite list

Adguard Premium APK offers a convenient safelist option for users who want to whitelist certain websites or games. While not all websites and games are untrusted, there are some that users may prefer to allow ads on or support in other ways. With the safelist feature, users can add their favorite websites or games to a list of allowed sites, which tells the application to stop blocking ads on those specific sites.

This feature is particularly useful for websites that have ad-blocker detectors, which prevent users from accessing content if an ad blocker is detected. By adding these websites to the safelist, users can ensure they have uninterrupted access to the content they want without encountering any restrictions.

One of the benefits of the safelist feature is that users can add an unlimited number of websites or games to their list, providing flexibility and customization options. This allows users to tailor their ad-blocking preferences to suit their individual needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.


Adguard Premium APK offers a comprehensive set of advanced features to cater to users’ needs. One such feature is the filter section, which allows users to manage ad-blocking settings for websites and applications. Within this section, users can explore a list of websites and Android applications that are protected by ad blocking.

The filter option provides users with insights into which sites and apps are currently utilizing ad blockers and which ones are not. This information enables users to make informed decisions about their ad-blocking preferences and customize their settings accordingly.

Additionally, the filter section may include additional options to further refine ad-blocking settings. These options could include features such as custom filter lists, whitelisting specific sites or apps, or applying more granular controls over ad blocking.

Overall, the filter section in Adguard Premium APK empowers users with greater control and visibility over their ad-blocking settings, allowing them to tailor their browsing experience to their preferences and needs.

Adguard Premium APK comes with many advanced features like user needed. Users can filter the ad-protected websites and applications in the filter section. That section will explore the ad-block using websites and running Android applications. By using the filter option, the user can see the ad blocker using sites and ad block non-using sites. Also, this feature applies it on the Android applications. Some additional options also have appeared in the filters sections.

Apps management

Once Adguard Premium APK is installed on your smartphone, it immediately begins its task of detecting advertisements within applications. Through the app management section, users gain insights into various aspects of their applications, including processes and performance.

In the app management section, users can view the processes associated with different applications and monitor their performance over time. This feature enables users to track how applications behave and identify any potential issues or performance bottlenecks.

Furthermore, users can observe metrics such as the number of blocked ads and the amount of data saved through ad blocking. This information provides valuable feedback on the effectiveness of Adguard Premium APK in enhancing the user experience and optimizing data usage.

By offering comprehensive app management capabilities, Adguard Premium APK empowers users to take control of their device’s performance and ensure a smoother, more efficient user experience.

After installing Adguard Premium APK on your smartphone, the application start detects all application. It will find out which apps have advertisements and how much data need for advertisement watching. In the apps management section, users can see the app process and the application performance. After using some application, then come this application to watch the performance. Users can see the blocked ads counts and saved data.

Protect your privacy

Adguard Premium APK offers robust privacy protection features to safeguard users’ personal data and enhance their online privacy. One common concern is the collection of user data by applications running in the background without explicit user consent. With Adguard Premium APK, users can monitor all network traffic and background activities, allowing them to identify and halt any suspicious processes with a single tap. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized data collection and ensures users have greater control over their privacy.

Moreover, Adguard Premium APK addresses concerns related to browser cookies, which are often used by websites for marketing purposes. By blocking third-party cookies during browsing sessions, the application helps prevent websites from tracking users’ online activities. Additionally, users can conceal their IP address and location, enabling anonymous browsing even without using the incognito mode. These privacy-enhancing features empower users to browse the internet securely and anonymously, protecting their sensitive information from unauthorized access and data harvesting.

Most applications start collecting the user privacy data in the background. When you start to use the one unwanted application, that application starts to take the private data in the background. Also, many unwanted applications start working in the background without user permission. Adguard Premium APK finds out and monitors all traffic and background usages. Users can watch the all background process and one tap to stop the process. Also, users can stop the suspicious activity of unwanted application processes. Adguard Premium APK protects smartphones in many ways. Most of the websites start using browser cookies for their marketing purpose. Every user activity is stored in web browser cookies, and that cookie will explore your activity. With the Adguard application, users can block the third-party cookies from the browsing time. Also, user can hide their IP address, and the user location has hidden. Without use, in the incognito mode, users can browse the internet content anonymously.

Save more data

Adguard Premium APK goes beyond simply blocking ads; it also helps users save valuable mobile data by preventing unnecessary activities and data usage. With the built-in data saver feature, users can enjoy browsing the web without worrying about excessive data consumption due to ads. This feature automatically stops ads from consuming your mobile data, ensuring that your data plan lasts longer and that you can browse the web more efficiently.

Currently, the data saver feature is available for web browsing, offering users immediate benefits when accessing websites. In the future, the developers plan to expand this feature to cover applications as well, providing comprehensive data-saving capabilities across various platforms and services. By prioritizing user convenience and efficiency, Adguard Premium APK continues to evolve to meet the evolving needs of its users, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing mobile browsing experiences while minimizing data usage.

Adguard Premium APK blocks unwanted activities and extra data usages. Most of us advertisements are used for showing advertisements. The app developer provides data save feature to this application inbuilt. Users never need to activate the data save feature. The app automatically stops the advertisements from saving your mobile data. Stop send unwanted data to the ads. Currently, the data save feature is only Available on web serving. Upcome years, the app developer introduced applications.

Parental controls

Adguard Premium APK introduces a much-needed parental control feature to ensure the online safety of children. With the increasing reliance on the internet for education and entertainment, it’s essential to protect children from accessing inappropriate content. The parental control feature allows parents to restrict access to 18+ websites and other unwanted content, ensuring that children can browse the internet safely.

Once activated, the parental control feature limits access to restricted and trusted websites, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their children are only accessing appropriate content online. This feature is particularly valuable for parents who may not always be able to monitor their children’s online activities closely. By leveraging Adguard Premium APK’s parental control feature, parents can create a safer online environment for their children, promoting responsible internet usage and safeguarding them from potentially harmful content.

AdGuard MOD
AdGuard MOD

End Results

Thank you for providing comprehensive information about Adguard Premium APK. It’s indeed a valuable tool for users who want to block unwanted advertisements and protect their privacy while browsing the internet and using various applications on their smartphones. With its advanced features such as ad blocking, privacy protection, data savings, and parental controls, Adguard Premium APK offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the user’s online experience and ensure a safer browsing environment. Users can download the application from the provided links and enjoy a seamless and ad-free browsing experience on their smartphones.

AdGuard Content Blocker

Adblocker Only for Yandex.Browser and Samsung Internet with customizable filters.

AdGuard Content Blocker is a free Android app that blocks ads in the Yandex browser and Samsung Internet mobile browser without root permissions. This AdGuard’s ad-blocking app works specifically in these two web browsers.

Save battery and data
Intrusive ads distract your attention and steal your time, and heavy-media ads, especially video ads, also drain your battery and data on your device. With AdGuard Content Blocker, you’ll finally be able to leave the house without a charger and treat yourself to an extra coffee thanks to the data you saved.

20+ adblock lists
Choose from the most complete of all the existing filter lists, designed both by our highly skilled specialists and by prominent community members. Enable general lists that cover most common ads, and combine them with language-specific lists to ensure the best protection in your country: France, Spain, Germany, Korea, and other countries and language regions.

Support your favorite websites and content creators by adding their websites to the list of exceptions. You can whitelist entire domains or specific pages. There’s no need to turn AdGuard off every time you’re about to visit a known, trustworthy website that doesn’t have any intrusive ads.

Custom filters
Our app gives you control over the filtering process. Add your own custom rules to block ads or hide any elements on the page, and allow them back at any point in the future.

Secure your privacy
AdGuard Team considers users’ privacy as a main priority. We have years of experience in developing award-winning ad-blocking and privacy protection tools. Also, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a vigilant guardian of online safety by publishing multiple research papers in which we expose hazardous apps and unveil shady schemes used to steal your personal data.

Open Source
AdGuard Content Blocker is an open-source ad blocker with the full project code available on GitHub: We want to be as transparent as possible to our users.

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